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From concept to product

Do you have a good idea for a gift article, such as a special mug or a ceramic gift set? Or perhaps for a special piggy bank, flower pot or canister? If so, Raja Europe would be pleased to further develop your idea for you. Our specialism in innovative techniques enables us to offer you virtually limitless opportunities for the creation of a very special design. Even an outline basic idea will serve as ample inspiration for our development department, who will work with your idea to create an intriguing and original design.


Private label

Our company is also specialised in private label production, we manufacture a large number of customer specific products that our clients market under their own brands. We supply a lot of widely-recognised trademarks such as fast food restaurants, gift shops, coffee & tea roasting companies and divers well known retail brands.

We can manufacture your design in runs of as few as 1500 articles. Our own manufacturing site enable us to offer you highly competitive prices, making our production services extremely appealing for even small runs.

Our use of special techniques in the designs constitutes your assurance of receiving a distinguishing and perfectly-finished product. The techniques available to you include reliefs, laser techniques, metal transfers and gold finishing. You can also opt for a finish with pearl, diamond, acryl, metal, raisin or Swarovski crystal to achieve a magnificent effect. Obviously, we would be pleased to help you make the appropriate choice.


Range of applications

When we develop a new product, we not only devote attention to the appropriate shape and decoration but also, self-evidently, to the application. We will be pleased to advise you on the types of ceramic and range of techniques suitable for the intended use of your product: for example, the techniques that come into consideration for a gift article differ from those for a product that needs to be dishwasher-proof and ovenproof. We can also offer you a choice from a range of glazing techniques for the decoration of your product, such as in-glaze and on-glaze. We will be pleased to inform you about all the opportunities available.


Design packaging

As products marketed in retail outlets require suitable packaging, our service also extends to the development of suitable retail packaging. We can produce individual packaging from a simple brown or white box to bespoke gift boxes including displays, window boxes, tin boxes and many more.

We can deliver your mugs and gift articles complete in gift packaging or standard packaging. Obviously, we design your packaging in accordance with your wishes. With our standard double walled export cartons you can rest assured that your products will arrive in one piece.


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