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Healthcare & professional catering

Healthcare & professional catering


Healthcare institutions and hospitals often impose specific and stringent requirements on their crockery. The crockery must be strong, easy to clean and suitable for use with the client’s food distribution systems. We can produce system porcelain for you that complies with these requirements and meets all your needs. The products are ideally suited for both cook-chill and cooking processes. System porcelain is extremely practical in use and can have an attractive appearance. You can opt for a functional, modern or classical design.


Professional catering

Raja Europe supplies a range of types of porcelain to companies, schools and government institutions. Baking the porcelain at a high temperature and using an extra strong glaze ensures that our cups, saucers and plates have an increased scratch, break and wear-resistance. Ease of use is of great importance: the crockery is ideally suited to use with dishwashers, microwave ovens and conventional ovens. Many of our products are stackable, which saves you space.



You can choose one of our existing crockery lines or ask us to design a line for you. We can produce a personal, unique line for you from runs of 1500 articles. You can also make use of our special techniques, such as a logo in relief. We would be happy to discuss in more detail about the options available to you.


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